The Account Management Boot Camp will be available soon as a series of live 90 minute webinars available around Australia & New Zealand.

Modules outline

Session 1 – Best practice account management

  • Setting individual goals
  • Best practice account management
  • Account management cycle
  • Set up for success
  • Managing client expectations
 Session 2 – Agency economics/budgeting
  • Agency economics  budget scoping
  • Negotiating budgets
  • Talking confidently about money

Session 3 – Time management/Building resilience

  • Managing and prioritising time
  • Building resilience
  • Balancing work and life
  • DiSC behaviour profile model

Session 4 – Programming that get results

  • Understanding business strategy
  • Taking a brief
  • Elements of programs which get results
  • Building a new business proposal

Session 5 – Building client & team relationships

  • Communicating with clients
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Efficient client communication

What participants have said about the Boot Camp:

“Very relevant and tailored to meet individual needs; great handouts and reading!”

 “Amanda was an excellent presenter – very interactive with lots of examples.”

“I’ll leave this course armed with ideas of things I can apply to my work & contact with clients”